Automate SEO & content workflows with AI

Let AI build your custom SEO automation tool

Algonext helps you automate tedious tasks like keyword clustering, content generation, internal link building, technical SEO and more.

No coding required,  just chat to build   🚀

  • Keyword clustering
  • Generative AI
  • Scraping

Build custom workflows, in minutes

Define once, then run with any input data

Chat with Algonext to build the workflow
Change the inputs and press play to rerun 🤘🏼

Chat to build custom automations

Automatic writing, testing and debugging automations

Algonext can generate new SEO automations. Just explain what you need and let Algonext do the rest. For example:

Example workflows

Keyword clustering

4 automations
1 algorithm

Internal linking

5 automations
1 algorithm
How is Algonext different from Zapier or

The main difference is that Algonext is more suitable for building data pipelines, data mining and complex data processing. Another big difference is that Algonext has a conversational way of generating the automations which removes the tedious process of filling in fields and debugging.

Does Algonext use agents like AutoGPT does?

No and here’s why; using agents drives up token usage and thereby the cost without a clear benefit. Anyone that has used AutoGPT probably has noticed that it often gets stuck on simple tasks while spending inordinate amounts of tokens. We’ve built a full suite of tools that guide the LLM (GPT-4) towards optimal working code.