Build custom AI powered SEO tools without coding

Quickly automate your ideal SEO workflow

Algonext helps you automate tedious tasks like keyword clustering, internal linkbuilding, technical SEO and much more. Leverage our intuitive and flexible SEO automation platform and Al/ML algorithms to do in minutes what used to take hours.

No monthly fees,   no runtime limitations

  • Auto keyword clustering
  • Semantic keyword list filtering
  • Optimal keyword clustering

Use prompts to build SEO automations

Combine automations into end-to-end algorithms

  • Use any file as input or output
  • Describe what the automation should do
  • Algonext writes and tests the code
  • Create algorithms by connecting automations

SEO automation prompt examples

Get inspired by the creative ways SEO-specialists use Algonext

We’ve done all the data science and programming for you. Effortlessly combine prebuilt AI, ML, NLP, scraping and data mining actions into algorithms that perfectly fit your use cases.

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